$20MM+ recovered for our clients

We'll analyze your energy bills to identify and recover overcharges.

How it Works

Our goal is simple: to secure refunds of overcharges on your utility bills.


We analyze all of your electric, gas and/or steam accounts to uncover overcharges.


We file claims with the utility companies to secure refunds for all existing overcharges.


We find and provide any alternatives that will save you money on your future energy costs.


We consult with you on any other energy related matters and offer our assistance and guidance.

Our Story

URAC Corp. was established in 1975 by Vincent DiCeglio. Vincent worked for the Long Island Lighting Company for twenty four years before creating this unique business. His experiences as a customer service representative at LILCO made him realize there was a need for consumer representation. From 1975 to 1991 Vincent fought and won some precedent setting consumer protection cases. In 1991, he retired, passing the torch over to his son Douglas.

  Douglas DiCeglio joined the company in 1980, starting at the bottom and working his way up. Douglas’s skills in computer programming give URAC the ability to not only calculate the various utility rates, but he has designed a one-of-a-kind data management program that stores all of URAC’s clients utility billing information and also detects and alerts staff of possible overbillings. Douglas was promoted to Treasurer in 1985 and subsequently moved to the position of Vice President in 1988. In May 1991 Douglas became the principle owner and CEO/President.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Doug not only retrieves overcharges on our utility bills, he offers assistance and guidance on all utility matters. He gets results.

Ed Rogers

Phipps Houses Services Inc.

It’s nice having a back office operation like URAC to rely on when we have energy issues. Doug is reliable and always there to answer our questions.

Paul Attinello

Kaled Management

I rely heavily on Doug’s expertise and knowing him is an asset for my clients. I have said if Doug ever needs a reference I told him he can call on me.

Paul Herman

Brown Harris Stevens

We are involved with many energy reduction programs and Doug is always there to lend assistance.

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Barbara Tillman

Grenadier Realty Corp.

I’ve worked with Doug for many years on diverse utility projects and subjects of concern. He’s my go to guy if I have a public service related question.

Peter Lepore

Apartment Management Associates

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