A small firm with large results - 20 million dollars in refunds


Our fee is simply Fifty percent (50%) of all credits and/or refunds that are secured as a result of our work. If we do not secure a refund, there is no fee.

Frequently Asked Question: Attorney’s only charge 1/3. Why do you charge 1/2?

You bring the issue to the attorney and then they battle to recover your money. They do not spend any money or resources uncovering the problem. In our case we expend considerable resources and money finding the issue and then we fight to recover the overcharge. The time and effort reviewing your bills for the actual overcharges is the reason why our fee is necessary. You can look at it as if 20% is for locating the problem and 30% is for securing the refund. Also, remember, that an attorney is pretty much guaranteed money because you have brought him/her a viable case. However, we expend the resources and money not knowing if any overcharge exists.