The Process

A small firm with large results - 20 million dollars in refunds


Clients provide us with copies of their current gas, electric and/or steam bills along with an agreement and authorization. Upon receipt of this information we secure additional data directly from the utility. The process of reviewing your accounts for overcharges begins.


Each account is entered into our proprietary software and is reviewed for standard types of errors. After the automatic review by the computer each account is manually reviewed so that no overcharge is overlooked.


Upon discovering a possible overcharge we file an inquiry with the utility. Depending on its response the matter will be resolved or will be forwarded to the NYS Public Service Commission or any other applicable governing body. URAC’s staff is well versed in all rules, regulations and PSC case law and therefore can properly and fully represent the matter through the complaint handling process.


When URAC is successful in securing a refund, only then is our fee due.


Our service is continuous. For those clients wishing to have us continually monitor their accounts, each year we perform an annual review to uncover any additional overcharges that might have occurred subsequent to the initital review. You are constantly protected from utility over-billings